KS3 New Exploring Science Example Lesson Plans

fantastic work

Robert Brooks

I have uploaded example lessons to the TES for the new KS3 Exploring Science.

These can be used to get a general overview for the lesson before referring to the unit guide provided by Pearson (which is quite lengthy) and are also idea ideal to refer to as a starting point for non-specialists, trainees, NQTs, last-minute cover and for (hopefully rare!) last-minute planning at certain times of the year when other priorities exist, e.g. BTEC moderation!

I have used the @teachertoolkit 5 minute digital lesson plan format to create these example lesson plans. This is a really quick and easy way to present the information clearly without having to format e.g. a word or PowerPoint document:

7Ce Example Lesson Plan-page-0017Jd Example Lesson Plan-page-001

Here are the links to the units I have done example lesson plans for so far:

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