The Sum of the Whole…A part


The topic of graded lesson observations has precipitated a generous volume of traffic on twitter, and has resulted in some very persuasive and well-written blog responses. As a classroom practitioner, as a middle leader and as a Deputy Head Teacher, I have lived graded observations via two perspectives: observer and observed. My own contention throughout each of these single episodes was very clear to me; in both roles, learning should be the key driver, not an inspectorial process of quantitative, only.

And I use the words ‘single episodes’ deliberately; observations were never defined by a process of reflection and dialogue based on shared values of practice. They were always a 20-40 minute temperature dip which somehow encapsulated my teaching within a construed capabilities framework of criterion led ‘tick boxes’. Sometimes they never even involved feedback. Therein lay a degree of conflation; my contentions did not always match the contentions…

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