Twitter for Educators

Twitter for teachers and educators 


I have to say when I first started using twitter, I thought it was a bit of fun. I did the usual follow your football team, a few celebrities and BBC news. I used to glance occasionally at it, and even less frequently tweeted about the weather or what is on TV, as those two things are a British institution.


My first and biggest tip is have two feeds (at least!). One for your professional life, it should include your name, role, interests and ideally location. Keep it absolutely professional on this feed. Never use this feed for anything other than tweeting about work or educational matters.¬† Your other feed should be for your ‘real life’, use this one to tweet about your football team, the X factor, or whatever else. My reasoning behind this is:

1. It allows you to manage your own work life balance better.

2. You are less likely to get unwanted followers on your professional feed and it’s easy to block anyone, who you don’t want to follow you.

3. It is just safer for everyone most importantly you as a professional

4. You can use your other non professional feed, to engage in your outside work passions with less likelihood of anyone questioning your integrity.


Second tip, engage in the big educational conversations. #ukedchat on a Thursday evening. #SLTchat on a Sunday they are both worth looking at to engage and follow other education professionals. The CPD and networking opportunities in these discussion forums are fantastic. There are some fabulous twitter teachers out there all to willing to share ideas and resources with you.


Third tip, look internationally too. The US, Canada and Australia, all have fantastic twitter networks and they are all too interested to share their ideas, with people from the little island in the Atlantic.


Lastly, enjoy Twitter, it really is developing into the essential tool for modern teachers and i can’t see how anyone can expect to consider themselves up to speed in education without this valuable tool.


have fun