iPad in education our journey so far

First thing was to get the wifi infrastructure right. We now an industrial standard wifi network capable of connecting 750+ iPads ready for work. It has 1GBps connection so is lighting fast for browsing

Then give all your student facing staff iPads and training to start them using them. They are worth it just to ease communication problems.

Research and start consultation , be ready for the battles. We found most onside but some absolutely opposed to using an iPad in school.

During research make sure the finance team know what they are doing and you have consulated lawyers to make an documentation totally legally watertight, particularly the signed acceptable use policy

Procurement , delivery and insurance all can be competitive in volumes, maybe go with other schools for economy of scale

Roll out just before a holiday and that helps parents and students get used to them before they have to be used in anger

Build/utilise a Genius Bar type drop in facility for problems

Be prepared for teething problems and a massive spike in games use during first month but it does die down. (Most app games have a short shelf life, how much did you play angry birds? You still play it?)

Safeguarding has to be promoted, through assemblies, press releases and parental/staff training.

Get learning how to actually learn with iPads. It isn’t as easy as you would think.

SHARE and SHARE some more. Ideas flow and they need to captured and passed on. Use the students to as digital leaders.


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